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Enter and expand business in oil-rich country Kuwait who is working towards economic diversification after the fall of oil prices in 2015. Kuwait has the most open political system among other Gulf monarchies and its GDP was recorded at around 127 billion in 2018. Understand more about Kuwait and opportunities available in one of strongest economies in the Gulf through market research, market entry and growth strategy services provided by Market Research Kuwait.

We know Kuwait best. For more than decades, we have helped companies to capture and win opportunities in Kuwait and other Middle East countries. No other place like Kuwait. Nicknamed as ‘Sleeping Giant of the Gulf’, Kuwait is seeking benefit from its high levels of openness to global trade and good monetary stability. The country is also improving the efficiency of business regulations to support financial reforms, boost private sector involvement, as well as increase project ownership among citizens.

With a presence in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon and 9 other Asian markets, Market Research Kuwait takes pride in producing unique and in-depth insights efficiently and at the highest standard, providing strategic recommendations and advisory support to ensure timely and effective executive level decision-making. We make accelerating your business growth our mission.

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Market Research Kuwait is an established Asia-focused market research and growth consulting firm dedicated to collaborating with Fortune 500s and Arab conglomerates. Through our Market Research Kuwait unit, we work with our clients by delivering comprehensive market research and strategies in Asia Pacific as well as in the Middle East.

We help multinational companies and government institutions with the identification of market growth strategy within the industry in Kuwaiti cities. Market Research Kuwait covers various industries, including but not limited to, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, agribusiness and F&B. Our dedicated Kuwaiti consultants have strong presence on the ground and are able to serve clients with real on-the-ground data.

We get our hands dirty to provide clients with unique markets insights for countries they currently operate in, or countries they want to be operating in, to set growth strategies and implementation plans.

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Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on Continuing Oil Production in The Neutral Zone

By Market Research Kuwait | Posted July 15, 2019

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Kuwait to Win Upgrade to the Emerging Market Starting 2020

By Market Research Kuwait | Posted July 3, 2019

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Technology Plays Significant Role in Kuwait 2035 Vision

By Market Research Kuwait | Posted June 27, 2019

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“We have now completed our study on entering a new market successfully and I wish to thank the Solidiance team for the professional and urgent approach given our requirement relating to the specific market assessments, feasibility studies, a partner search and financial evaluation on a primary acquisition target in our market of interest.”

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