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Our team offers integrated construction and infrastructure advisory services across Kuwait market and help businesses to increase benefits and sustainability

Kuwait Construction Consulting Firm
Kuwait Infrastructure Consulting Company
Invest to take part in transforming the country. In line with Kuwait Vision 2035, Kuwait has signaled that construction market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.8% over 2020-2025.

The country has executed projects worth more than US$60 billion which focuses on the development of constructional activities. These projects include construction of the largest port in the region, a new passenger terminal at the Kuwait International Airport, petrochemical complex, oil refineries, and also renewable energy complexes.

Market Research Kuwait is dedicated to offer construction & infrastructure advisory services for clients in a wide range of area, covering urban redevelopment, smart cities and buildings, sustainable infrastructure, digitization in construction, green cities, and other segments. Our consultants bring extensive experiences in working with varied players in the industry, providing us know-how strategy to advise clients.

Our Key Service Offerings

Kuwait Market Intelligence

We manage to bring authentic and practical Kuwait marketplace insights for our clients to help them analyzing changes in market demands as well as new competitive threats.

Kuwait Market Entry

We measure several promising alternatives for clients through the exploration of untapped opportunities and blind spots in the local market.

Kuwait Competitive Intelligence

We build analysis on Kuwait market competition and gain understanding from best operations to minimize costly omissions. We promise to give unique advantage for our clients by discovering relevant market dynamics, including customers, competitors, channels, partners, and many more.

Kuwait Customer Intelligence

Our consulting team will examine buyers' persona to grasp their demographic, behavior and buying trends, aiming to give strategic recommendations in developing new products.


kuwait smes
The Central Bank of Kuwait Launches KD 5 Billion Stimulus Package

The package is launched as macroprudential policy tools to encourage banks, provide financing to help productive sectors, and offer liquidity for businesses to continue operations.

kuwaiti securing house 2
Securing Housing Care for Kuwaiti Citizens

The Kuwaiti government through the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) is planning to secure housing care for Kuwaiti citizens while also reducing the period of providing them with adequate housing.

kuwait direct investment
Kuwait Attracts USD 32 Billion of Direct Investment

Kuwait is sustaining a stable growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into the country over the past years.

nationalize oil sector by 2021 in kuwait
Kuwait to Nationalize Oil Sector by 2021

Kuwait has authorized a plan to nationalize 100% of all technical, supervisory and executive jobs in the country’s oil sector by January 2021.

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